Day One and I think my lungs are actually on fire!

Well here I am, alive and able to tell the tale…

Firstly, my early start wasn’t very early because I overslept 😦

I have mixed feelings about how my first training session went.  I am a little disapointed that I couldn’t manage the whole 18 minutes but I did manage half of it so at least thats something, but by the time I had done that I was breathing through my arse!  My legs didn’t feel as bad as I thought they would but my lungs were screaming for mercy.

About half way through I noticed two lads coming towards me on the redway pushing their bikes, I felt like diving into the bush to hide but instead decided to hold my head high and try to look like someone who does this kind of thing everyday… not sure if it worked but they didn’t even notice me so I obviously didnt look as stupid as I felt.

Next training session is Wednesday and I am hoping to get a bit nearer that 18 mins.

Anyway now that my lungs feel a bit closer to normal I am off to hit the shower.

See you later

A knackered Jules



3 thoughts on “Day One and I think my lungs are actually on fire!

  1. Nice one. I must admit, when others are around, it can push you as you don’t want to ‘lose face’ so to speak. 🙂

    Keep at it!

  2. well done!!! someone posted this on my wall thought it was appropriate xx
    A person that loses a partner is called a widow. A child who loses a parent is called an orphan. But there is no word to describe a parent that loses a child, because the loss is like no other. So will you put this as your status for just one hour? I’m pretty sure I know the ones that will. Think of someone you know or love who has lost a son or daughter and take a few minutes to remember & honor their angel!

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