One Day to go….

Today is ‘Day One’ of my training and according to my Training plan its also a rest day! Yay! So I don’t actually start anything too taxing until Tuesday.  🙂 Talk about result! hehe

I am trying to decide if I should train early in the morning (less people to see me!) or later in the day…not sure really but the less people to see me making a prat of myself the better as far as I am concerned 🙂

I have also taken some advice from my good friend, Zoe who is a runner and about to start training for The Chester Half Marathon (Good luck Zoe!) She told me to start small and build myself up and take rest days…Thanks Zoe xx

Starting to crap myself a bit now though…

Also, I just wanted to shout out a quick THANK YOU to those of you that have already sponsored me.  I reached my target of £100 so I raised the bar to £200 and I have reached 57% of that so I am well chuffed, thank you to you all.  If you want to know about the charity I am raising the money for, click on the Hope House page for some more info and the link to their website.

Speak soon

Jules x



2 thoughts on “One Day to go….

  1. Hi Jules

    Have a high energy breakfast like porridge and then go in the morning. You must eat before you go thou!
    Take a water bottle with you and keep hydrated.

    Make sure you stretch your legs before and after the run to reduce risk of injury. Stretching after will stop you from aching so much.

    Have fun!

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