I can do this!

So, I have just watched The Biggest Loser on ITV.com.  Various couples compete to see who can lose the most weight.  Now the lightest contestant weighted in at 17st…I shit you not!  Their first challenge was to run back to the big house they are staying in for the duration of the competition, a run of 5km. None of these people do any exercise and the lady who came first managed to do it around 40 minutes! Bloody well done I say!

Anyway, anyone lacking motivation to get fit or lose weight should watch this programme, its very good.

I have nine months to train for this and I intend on making the most of that time so I know I can do this!  Any weight I lose along the way will be a bonus.  I have found a training plan that I think I have a chance of surviving (I will post it later or tomorrow) and I will also post the link for the Big Fun Run website…just in case any of you fancy a go 🙂

Support so far has been brilliant…Thanks guys!

A Quietly Optimistic Jules



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